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Reuben Grey

Britain's Got Talent Superstar

Riva Taylor

World Renowned Songwriter

Petite Miller

Nouveau Jazz Popstar


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Miguel Angeles

Hyperpop Artist

Charlie Tee

BBC Radio 1 Personality

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When joining TheCLUB, you set your subscription price, decide what personal video content you’d like to share with your biggest fans and go live with your offering. Enable a direct line to your superfans where you own the relationship. Our fan acquisition team will be on hand to help with your strategy to get your first subscribers on board.

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Connect with your fans in an ad-free environment, whether it be interactive real time video content in the form of Q&A’s, recordings sessions and listening parties or a live show through the free and easy to use Augmented Reality app by TheCLUB.

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Get all the data you care about in one place. You can understand who your fans really are, track your earnings which are paid out regularly and manage video content on your profile.

Dedicated In-House Support

You will be assigned to a member of our in house fan acquisition team of music executives who will be on hand to help you grow your subscriber base on TheCLUB.

Trending Content

TikTok star “Mommy” hosts unfiltered Q&A's on TheCLUB where fans can ask her questions live and get a behind the scenes understanding of who is behind the online Internet personality.

Superstar “Reuben Gray” uploads a regular video diary series where fans of his “CLUB” get to see what he gets up to as he travels across the world including destinations such as Egypt and Spain.

Get a look into artist Mercy's studio sessions where you can watch him produce and remix hyper-pop hits.

Hyperpop artist Miguel Angeles hosted 24 creators for a 7hr festival on TheCLUB with performances using augmented reality.

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When you reach a creators page either via search, discover or a link you can subscribe to their content at the top of their profile.

When you reach a creators page either via search, discover or a link you can subscribe to their content at the top of their profile.

TheCLUB is built on providing you an exclusive insight into the world of your favourite artists and so is catered to live events. Events may be kept on TheCLUB at the artist’s discretion.

You can search for an artist via the navigation panel on the left hand column of the site.

You can see upcoming events via the “Discover” panel on the left hand column of the main site.

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